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NEXON Korea Corporation
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Address:68 avenue de la Liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg
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NEXON is credited with several other industry achievements. It developed the world\\\\\\\'s first internet quiz game, QPlay, set a world record of 700,000 concurrent users in China with Crazy Arcade BNB in 2004, and developed South Korea\\\\\\\'s most played online game, KartRider, which is enjoyed by over 30% of the entire population.

Through these titles, NEXON also pioneered the ""item"" (microtransaction) business model, where users access the full game for free and can later opt to pay for game enhancements (items) such as avatar customization and pets.

By developing titles that are more casual than hardcore MMORPGs, NEXON has redefined the notion of online games from a marginal sector propelled by hardcore gamers to a progressive, mainstream form of entertainment enjoyed by everyone.

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