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Radiance Digital Entertainment
Official Site:
Contact Info: 86-21-52373677-8673
Address:4F, HuaJing Building, No.678 Huashan Rd. Shanghai, China
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Company Info

Established in Shanghai, China in 2005, Radiance Software (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is an independent game production company abundant in passion and vitality. We produce mainly online games, console games, and games on mobile platforms. As a loyal advocate for innovation, Radiance has focused on establishing a production-centric management system and its own technical procedures, by introducing cutting edge technologies and highlighting teamwork and creative personnel. Under the leadership of senior management possessing decades of overseas experience, Radiance is dedicated to producing triple A games of diverse genres to cater to the markets in mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, South-East Asia, Europe and the US.

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