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Young Internet Inc.
Location:Europe and North America
Official Site:
Contact Info: +49 (0)30/802087-400
Address:Young Internet GmbH Winsstraße 62/63 10405 Berlin Germany
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Company Info

Young Internet’s co-founder Moritz and CEO Verena, along with many of our team members have kids of their own. For years it was nearly impossible to find an appealing internet service that allowed children to surf online safely. To change this, they created the virtual worlds of Panfu and Oloko. Panfu was launched in December 2007, and Oloko went live at the end of 2009. It was their vision to create a safe and fun online community where kids can learn while they play. Creativity and self-expression, as well as the interaction between the children are at the forefront of the game. Through the online games created by Young Internet, our vision has been brought to life – and we work continuously to make it more fun, more educational and safer every day.

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