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Mechanist Games
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Address:0304 Lot, 11th F, Building A, Haiyi Building, No.666 Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Company Info

Mechanist Games is a Xiamen-based independent 3D web game developer established in April 2011, through a joint-venture between Fuzhou JW Games and Xiamen Tycun Investment. Currently, we are using the cutting edge Unity 3D game engine to develop our products.

Our international development team is made up of enthusiastic members from China, New Zealand, Ireland, the United States, Canada and other regions around the world. The multicultural workplace at Mechanist Games is an ideal environment for personal growth and professional innovation. We have an entertaining and dynamic work environment, learn new things daily, and have plenty of good laughs!

As we are dedicated gamers ourselves, we want to develop games with integrity and hope that this passion manifests itself in the games we create.

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