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Location:Europe and North America
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Address:ngmoco, LLC PO Box 77621, San Francisco, CA 94107-7621
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Company Info

ngmoco:) was founded in July 2008 to build top quality games for mobile. In 2010 they became part of DeNA, the leading social games publisher in Japan. Now, together, DeNA and ngmoco develop games and smartphone gaming platforms to unite the globe. Their games are free to play, because they believe that everyone should be able to play together. Today ngmoco:)‘s leading-edge free titles include We Rule, Touch Pets Dogs and Coin Push Frenzy. You can find our games on Android and iOS. With DeNA they provide Mobage, a powerful social framework for developers to build and amplify social activity into their games. Underneath our games is ngCore, a powerful technology framework for games to be published and streamed to multiple platforms from a single codebase. Armed with sharp minds, fantastic technology, and brave ideas, ngmoco:) is building the future of fun!

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