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Location:Europe and North America
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Address:Eastern Europe
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Company Info

Since their launch in 2009, over 57 million players worldwide have come together to play our games and applications – and every day more than 2.5 million players keep coming back for more.

With each of our flagship titles (Total Domination, Farmandia, Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Poker Shark, Lockdown, Bug Wars, and Fashion City - to name a few) they’ve worked days, nights, and weekends to offer the top-notch social gameplay experience and constant innovation our players have come to expect - along with cutting-edge artwork and immersion they didn\'t think was possible.

Their team includes over 200 experienced industry specialists who share a passion for developing games that satisfy, excite and inspire - but their most important collaborators have always been our gaming community.

Their players constantly challenge us to make their games better and use them in ways we never envisioned. They’ve built global communities, forged new friendships, and done more than just “play” their games – they’ve brought them to life. With their help, they’re not simply following the latest market trends and gaming standards…