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Arkadium, Inc
Location:Europe and North America
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Address:Rosenblatt, Kenny 650 fifth avenue New York, NY 10019 US
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Company Info

Arkadium designs, hosts, and licenses gaming software for companies looking for an innovative and fun approach to brand building. Founded in 2001 by Jessica Rovello and Kenny Rosenblatt, two video game fanatics who are also married, Arkadium has grown from a humble startup with just four employees to a multimillion dollar game development company with over 90 employees in New York City’s Flatiron District and Simferopol, Ukraine. Arkadium has helped clients reach millions of people through in game advertising, advergames, and portal display ads. In 2010, Arkadium jumped headfirst into the world of Facebook gaming with the release of Mahjongg Dimensions, a game that ended up courting over 1 million monthly active users within two months. Arkadium also provides reliable hosting so that your game will always be available to your customers. Their clients have the choice of licensing games from our game library, advertising prizes and coupons on our Great Day Games portal, creating custom games to meet their specific needs, or ‘re-branding’ games for unique user experiences. Some of our past clients include ESPN, the Discovery Channel, Hearst Magazines, National Geographic Channel, and the New York Jets. When they’re not making games (or playing them), we’re having an awesome time at our office in New York City’s Flatiron District.

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