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Happy Elements
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Our Mission: to make the world happy. Happy Elements has been designing and producing popular social games since early 2009. We think that games should be for everyone, not just hardcore gamers and that everyone should be able to experience happiness from our games. Because of this, we design games for the masses and hope that experiencing our games with friends will be even more enjoyable. We are working hard to make Happy Elements the leading happiness provider in the world. We are running a service, not a product. For console games, after launch, updates would be few and far between. At most, some bugs might be fixed in the newer versions. However, we in the Social Game industry consider games to be more like a TV series! We don’t just launch the game, every week we update new functions to our games and that our players don’t have a chance to lose interest. We believe that to obtain a leading position in social network service requires good service. We listen to what our players have to say, and then use their input to improve our services. We believe that hard work is the recipe to making high quality SNS games and achieving great success in this industry. We consider ourselves Happy Elements, all working towards providing an entertaining gaming experience to people who play our games. We believe that great people know great people. We believe that talented people is our essential strategic resource. We provide competitive salary package, a good working environment, training programs and challenging work to attract talent. Our employees come from leading Internet companies both domestic and abroad. Our team is equipped with rich, practical experience and we fully understand every opportunity and risk in this industry. The early members of Happy Elements all come from Social Networking Websites and our deep social networking background and experience are unparalleled. Now Happy Elements has a diverse pool of talent made up of producers, techies, artists and everything in between. We are a Game Factory, not a Studio! We produce and distribute quickly and maintain a high standard! To achieve this, we have developed an efficient and skilled organization with clear assignments, responsibilities and duties. On May 28th 2009, Happy Elements launched the virtual fishbowl genre on with its first social game ever: “My Fishbowl”. On August 3rd 2009, Happy Elements launched the Traditional Chinese version of “My Fishbowl” on Facebook. Within two months it had attracted 2.4 million daily active users, and began the new wave of fishbowl games on Facebook. We also helped Facebook Taiwan become the #1 site in Taiwan with one in twenty users playing “My Fishbowl”. Then there comes our second game,, “My Bar” on the Mixi platform and within one month it has become the 2nd most popular social game on Mixi in terms of weekly active users. In Oct 2010, we launched our Third game, “HappyKingdom” on Facebook. Within two weeks, we have more than 800,000 daily active users. After we launching “HappyKingdom” on Mixi platform, within 2 weeks, it had become the 4th most played game. Happy Elements main headquarters is in Beijing and we also set up a Happy Elements KK office in Tokyo in the Spring of 2010. As for now, we are hard at work developing new content for our existing games and entirely new games so keep your eyes open for upcoming releases.

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