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Star Arcade Ltd
Location:Europe and North America
Official Site:
Contact Info: +44 7900 562
Address:Star Arcade Ltd. Yliopistonkatu 38 B 15 FIN-40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ FINLAND
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Company Info

Star Arcade Ltd is a global social gaming network. Our primary market areas are the widely populated areas around the world, like India, South America, Far East and Africa. Star Arcade Ltd provides a social network, where anyone can join the network and just start playing, regardless of their device, operator or country. Your opponent can be your neighbor, your best friend or a random game enthusiast from another continent.

"Star" means many things. It refers to the infinity, to the universe with no borders. Star refers also to excellence. That\'s why we named our arcade "Star Arcade". Phone brands, models or operating cause no borders. Potential opponents are almost as many as stars in the sky. Their games are the brightest stars of the industry.

Star Arcade Ltd is just like its games. An unexpected global combination and just simply superb by nature.

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