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Huge Monster Inc.
Location:Europe and North America
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Address:10 Dundas Street E, 5th floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4Y 1Z9
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Company Info

HugeMonster\'s mission is to build amazing games. We specialize in casual social games that are fun, richly interactive and inherently viral.

Their belief is that people want to play games that are simple but fun. They have a vision of the games they want to make and the experience to turn that vision into real products that real people want to play.

They like to get games into the marketplace as quickly as is sensible and then adjust and tweak them according to feedback that they receive from players. That just leads to better games. Their favorite games:

  • Are fun to play

  • Are easy to play

  • Are practical to build

  • Have unique elements

  • Have a theme that captures our imagination

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