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Address:9th Floor, Block A, The Gate, 19th Zhong guan cun street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
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Beijing ELEX Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Beijing, with branches offices, R&D and custom service center in St.Paul, Nanjing and Hefei. ELEX is an influential game provider in non-English speaking game and software markets of the world, having established a strategic partnership with leading Internet companies such as Tencent. ELEX’s business covers more than 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin-America, and provides high-quality gaming, software and Internet services for over 40 million users all over the world.

ELEX’s gaming business covers the field of social games, browser games and wireless games. As the NO.1 social game developer in Asia, ELEX holds nearly 20 million users. The social games of ELEX such as “Happy Harvest”, “Happy Harvest 3” and “City Life” not only have excellent performance on global platform such as Facebook and Google, but also cover over 20 leading localized platforms in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, achieving a global three-dimensional and covering a full range of users.

Since 2010, ELEX has published a variety of high-quality browser games including DDTank in Latin American and European markets through its own gaming platform, having met with great favor by more than 20 million users. With its impressive millions DAU, 337 has become the most competitive gaming platform in local markets, and also the first Chinese gaming website included in the Top 1000 gaming websites by Google statistics. Moreover, since having established the wireless department in 2011, ELEX has independently developed many mobile games. ELEX has shown great promise in the wireless field and grown into a cross-language and cross-platform gaming service provider.

As the leader as well as the pioneer of overseas of Chinese gaming industry, ELEX not only focuses on providing high-quality services, but also commits himself to the continued development of gaming industry. In 2010, ELEX cooperated with Tencent and Innovation Works, established the project of game cloud computing research platform----“Xing Cloud”, which is designed to help more game developers to achieve global integration and promote the continued development of the entire gaming industry.

To develop the highest quality products, provide the most localized service, the world’s top games and Internet content for players all over the world is the dream of ELEX. Everyone in ELEX upholds the idea of simple, practical and efficient to fight for this dream!

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