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Lager Network Technologies Inc.
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Address:4F, No. 189, Yan Ping South RD., Taipei, Taiwan, 100
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Lager is one of the few companies that provide both core game technology as well as modular upgrade technology, which not only provide easier software maintenance but also allow a more rapid upgrade frequency. Such technology makes Lager extremely unique and stays on the leading position of the online game arena in Taiwan. A distributed computing architecture is used to deal with users\' data. The users\' data is distributed to multiple servers, where the different data is computed in parallel and sent simultaneously to the terminal to complete data processing and Internet transfer. Distributed System, Lager\'s own innovation, allows thousands of users to enjoy online game at the same time. The characteristic of Lager spirit is unique and creative by originality and expressiveness. Lager online games are full of our life.

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