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Dream Square
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Shanghai The Dream Network Technology (Dream Square) is an emerging company who are dedicated to developing and publishing online games based from browser, social and mobile. Established in 2009, Dream Square has developed and published more than 5 popular titles, including Little Ninja, Cute 3 Kingdoms, Dragon-subdue 18 Palms, I Love Coffee, Every Town, Little Ali, and PAL Online, Qin\\\'s Moon.

To date, Dream Square has established an elite team in games\\\' development, distribution and operation with over 500 staffs. The team has abundant valuable experience in how to use engines as Unity 3D, Flash and Html. Dream Square is widely be regarded as the top competitive online game enterprise in Mainland China.

Dream Square continues to grow at a steady pace, its game portal-, which has over 50 million players who has high viscosity and paying rate, ranks top platform in bbgs\\\' field in Anime industry. Little Ninja, was commercial launched in over 30 countries including 8 languages version, English, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese, and was granted The Most Successful Overseas Development Game Award in 2011

The company works closely with the first tier enterprises and platforms all over the world, such as Tencent, Baidu, 360, Xinlang, Sanda, Facebook, Renren, 37Wan, Duowan, and 265G etc to provide unparalleled quality of service and game experiences to its players.