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Apostek Software
Location:Europe and North America
Official Site:
Contact Info: +91-80-3248-9242
Address:Unitus Technology Center 101, 4/1, Intermediate Ring Road Domlur, Bangalore - 560 071
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Company Info

Apostek Apps is the mobile applications and games development studio at Apostek established in June 2009. We design, develop and publish iPhone and Android games and applications directly to the end consumer.


Apostek Apps has created some of the top ranked games in the iTunes and Android Market stores. \'Slot Machine\' and its various seasonal avatars - Halloween Slots, Christmas Slots, Valentine\'s Slots have been played by over 5 million users around the world and are rated amongst the top 5 games in multiple app stores around the world. Our other top apps include Pocket Bingo, Untangle Space Out, Santa\'s Helper, Spooky Hangman and Word Quest.

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