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KLab Global Pte. Ltd.
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In 2010, social interaction via the gaming platform made waves across the world. While originally begun in the United States, social gaming found its way to Japan, straight to eager developing minds and into consumers’ hearts.

In Tokyo, KLab Inc. has mastered the business and technology of successful social games for the Japanese market. Our game titles such as Shin Sengoku Buster, posted historic growth by hitting the one-million-users mark less than a year after release. The continued attention and great response from the Japanese market led KLab Inc. to take our business to the next level of worldwide scale by establishing KLab Global.

KLab Global is a convergence of the best talents across regions to serve the fastest growing sector within the online gaming industry. As a parent company, it utilizes a three-prong cycle for product development, capitalizing on premium specializations from the KLab Global base, through Asia (KLab Cyscorpions) and America (KLab America).

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