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1100 AD


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Medieval
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer: Ambergames
In:79643 Rank:64
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1100 AD Description

1100AD is a free multiplayer medieval military and economic strategy game, played by a huge number of players around the world. The game is called 1100AD for a reason, since the time period of the game is in XII centuries, one of the most interesting and saturated with events periods in the history of mankind – the times of first crusades. This game offers a wide array of possibilities to control the game process, starting with personification of the user and up to powerful systems settings that the player can adjust to suit their needs.

1100AD offers a unique strategic element and it enables the player to participate in tactical battles, which is unique to its genre. Main point of the game is to build and develop your cities, extract resources and other resources, strengthening your empire through trading, wars, raids and advantageous agreements with other players. Military actions in this real-time strategy play a crucial role, almost always deciding whether this or that player will rule or defend themselv es from attacks. To ensure successful implementation of this aspect of the game, 1100AD has a huge number of troops, divided into four types – archers, infantry, siege mechanisms, and cavalry. The environment the player is introduced to enables them many opportunities to interact with other players, where war and trading being the most simple of them. This strategy has a full-on hierarchical system of lords and their vassals, which was based on real medieval feudal model of relationships. Official site of t he game is home to a large encyclopedia of knowledge that can help not only the new players to take their first steps in the game, but can also help experienced players.

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1100 AD Review/Guide


1100AD Guide:Start with the Basic

It is some basic info about the 1100AD which will help beginner familiar with the game.Read it and start the happy "travel"

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1100AD is new free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game. In Oliver’s opinion, the game definitely offered something new to the genre, but the presentation and game pace kept him from really enjoying it.

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1100 AD Guide: Tips for Beginner

Step 1 Improve your Resouces First, Equal amount of each, until you run out of People. (Location cannot be Changed, Highest Level is 20 @ 570 per Hour {10 hours gives you 5,700}  Step 2 Improve your Storehouse, So that I can hold enough for 1 night Growth of Resouces.  You loose anything beyound the level of your Storehouse.  Step 3 Build Farms about 5 ea @ Level 1 or 2 This will be Quick  *** See Note Below about placement

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