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22 Moon at War

22 Moon at War


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Economic
Graphics: 3D Period: Future
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Playnik
In:15734 Rank:649
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22 Moon at War Description

Welcome to Planet Gliese 581! Welcome to the 22nd century!
You are the CEO of an aspiring energy corporation. Join the market of energy conglomerates and make sure that your corporation becomes the most successful and powerful supplier of the coveted resource, Ore-22!

Fossil fuels have long since been depleted and renewable energy sources cannot satisfy humanity’s hunger for technology. That makes the mining for Ore-22 not only necessary for survival, but also a market with virtually limitless potential to expand!

Establish your corporate headquarters and coordinate your economic and military strategy. Keep an eye on the world market in order to maximize your profits. By investing your assets in research, you can expand your headquarters, construct new and faster propulsion systems, or develop new weapons systems to defend your ore deposits.

Do not be afraid of deploying your corporation’s armed troops on Gliese 581 because the only law in outer space is survival of the fittest! Use every opportunity at your disposal to become one of the world's largest corporations and secure a seat on the Zone Council!

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