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A Breeder's Quest

A Breeder's Quest


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Paradigm Programming LLC
In:9991 Rank:1012
16 votes


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A Breeder's Quest Description

A Breeder's Quest is a virtual pet breeding SIM that is also a text-based MMORPG. Here you can experience the wonderful world of Le-ayph and all the unique creatures that inhabit this world.

A Breeder's Quest focus on both genetics and showing. You can strive for a bloodline of really rare Jet Black creatures or maybe that elusive high paper score of Spectrum. There is also an RPG factor to the site. You can go to a battle arena and duke it out with other players! You can go roaming for quests and not to mention earn fame.

The Creature Side of A Breede's Quest

There is many species of critters in this game you can own, breed, buy, train, show and sell. It is also possible to crossbreed several of them and the results are different for each crossing. For example: You can cross a Rahm with a Tair. The percentage for Rahm offspring is higher than for Tair offspring. Sometimes you can get both in a litter. Also, each breed has its own unique image. No boring same image or blank area! Also, there is a genetic system. Which offers a challenge to those who might want to strive for a rare color or breed a bloodline of a certain color.

The RPG Side of A Breede's Quest

Then comes the RPG section of the site. In this section players can roam for battles and for quests. Which allow them to gain fame, fortune, and just to have some fun. You can also equip items to your characters for stat boosts! This comes in handy when roaming.

- The site also offers many other unique feature. Here is a sample of what is offered:

- Maps of territories

- Breed registries

- Mini Games

- Clans (kind of like guilds or clubs)

- and more!

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A Breeder's Quest Video

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