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A Virtual Horse

A Virtual Horse


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:AVirtualHorse
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A Virtual Horse Description

A Virtual Horse is an online horse game suitable for all ages, shaped as a virtual town. Color virtual horses, learn horse genetics, play horse games, build a ranch for horses, train horses and manufacture tack for competitions. Players have different goals in AVH. Some want to have the best horses, other players want to have the best skills, others just want to raise their virtual horses and talk with their friends.

You start with one horse, some horse feed, some tack for your horse and 15000 coins. When you join, you are a level 1 player with 0 experience points. The fastest way to advance levels is to go to your stable and enter your horse in many shows. For each show you enter you get 15 experience points. To advance to level 2, you need 1000 experience points which means that you can do it by entering 67 shows.


In A Virtual Horse, you can:


-Buy, train, breed or compete with your virtual horses. Competition based on skills and condition of tack, players and horses.

-Strive to breed specific colors and see the actually outcome on realistic generated images based on each of your horse's unique set of genes.

-Horses images are being generated based on the actual colors of their parents.

-Improve and work on your skills and stats to have your horses do better in shows.

-Become a manufacturer to make tack for horses, a trainer to add special bonuses on horses or a rider to be the best in the horse events.

-Get a job as a vet or as a stablehand and get paid to take care of players' horses.

-Build your ranch, upgrade buildings, collect treats or raw materials.

-Play horse games or games unrelated to horses.

-Chat and write your personal blog.

-Hire players to work for you or simply help you play the game using the partner feature. This game feature allows you to let other players play the game for you without sharing your password.

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A Virtual Horse Hints

You can buy them in the market. Use the scales icon to get to the market and then choose the different sections of the market. If you are looking for items such as Leather, Iron, or Thread, you can find them in the Buy Area of the Market. Click Tack & Materials. There you will be able to find what you need...

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