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AdventureQuest Worlds


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Artix Entertainment, LLC
In:38955 Rank:163
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AdventureQuest Worlds Description

AQWorlds is a 100% browser based game with real time combat, original art, and an entire world to explore. Battle monsters and obtain weapons, armor, pets and items. All you need is Flash and your web browser to participate in the fun with players from all over the world. No downloads, no spyware, no spam and no programs to install.


The game uses a more simplified graphic style than its predecessors to reduce lag time. Most of AdventureQuest Worlds' gameplay is surrounded around the in-game battles that occur. Unlike Artix Entertainment's previous games, AdventureQuest Worlds is multiplayer which allows for freestyle battling with other players. Instead of turn-by-turn basis battles, it uses real time battling with simultaneous players/monsters. Currently, Artix Entertainment has restricted Player vs. Player battling but has stated they may try it since this game is multiplayer. Players may only battle alongside other players against monsters. After a monster is defeated, the players that participate in that particular battle gain experience points and gold. The players currently can use either a melee attack or a spell attack to damage monsters.

Zones & Quests

These were added when the open beta released. You can find more in the game. The (!) bubbles above quest-givers head are red like a button. Click on them to access quests.

Noobshire: Every other MMO seems to have you killing Rats at level one... it only makes sense that in THIS game you defend them! Featuring special NPC... Rolith!
The Marsh: A marsh full of quests and evil monsters. New monsters including witches, liches, undead and a special member-only boss: Thrax Ironhide
The River: The Zardman fishers and a HUGE... well.. you beter just see this for yourself. Stop a water elemental before he floods all of the river villages!
Guru Swamp: Filled with otherworldly and magical creatures including a giant organic creature called Wisteria. Willow Creek: A complete recreation of the classic AdventureQuest area. Unravel the mystery of a strange creature that has been terrorizing the small town of Willow Creek. Uncover more than a few surprises!
Pirate area made permanant: Elissa Cutthroat is now a permanent character in AQWorlds and will be training you eye-patch wearing types.
New Quests: Re-explore the world to find new quests. For example, Aria now has a complete quest chain at her pet shop...

AdventureQuest Worlds Video

AdventureQuest Worlds Review/Guide

AdventureQuest Worlds Training Guide

There are two easy ways to gain class points; grinding against Orc Noob, or questing at your specific trainer. The third quest at your trainer is the best for questing, as you should only have to kill one boss for the quest. Unless, that is, you are a Healer,Mage, or Ninja. Healers have to kill six snails, while Mages have to kill Big Jack Sprat and two other skeletons. Ninja must kill Thrax Ironhide and Wisteria.

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Adventure Quest Worlds Review

Adventure Quest Worlds is a new full feature MMORPG by the same company behind the ever popular turn based browser game Adventure Quest. Like its predecessor, AQ Worlds is played right on your browser so there is no need to download or install anything. The game is run using Adobe's Flashplayer which is a fundamental part of most web browsers.

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AQ Worlds Guide: Guide to Mogloween 09

As a regularly updated game, Adventure Quest Worlds' Halloween Event - Mogloween has been online for almost a week now. This may be a good time for newcomers (or confused oldtimers) to read up on the recent re-releases, the brand new ones and what, oh spooky pumpkin, this whole Mogloween thing is about anyway.

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