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Amazonika Rising

Amazonika Rising


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adult
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:diaboliccanasta
In:69564 Rank:74
36 votes


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Amazonika Rising Description

Amazonika Rising is an adult online Role Playing Game, your daily supplement of sex, drugs and violence. Start a porn career as a amateur street whore, a mad hooker or a gangster, anything is possible. Maybe you are tomorrow's newest pornstar or gangster boss.

Warning: The game contains explicit sexual material and violence and is inappropriate for players under 18 years.


There are dozens of online mafia style role playing games, so why should you try another one? The answer to that question is easy: it have more sex, more fun, more violence and a lot of new, never-before-seen features. Such as:
- have gender-specific sexual relations with your partner or any other player
- live your sickest sexual fantasies
- open economy, demand high interests as a loan shark
- get the ultimate adrenaline kick with a never before seen fighting module
- get your daily dose of deviation with our ass-kicking events module

Amazonika Rising is a brutal and explicit adult game, it won't be easy for you to survive here. Watch your back, because an action may have an equal and opposite reaction. Make sure to use a portion of your earned money on medical supplies because mad ass bitches will try to punish you in many ways when you least expect it!

Amazonika Rising has no limits, you are free to choose your own path but remember, your main goal is to become the most famous pornstar of the city. It's all about money & fame! The game offers you many ways to make it to the top. To choose the best path is up to you and only you. You can find a job or commit crimes to gain extra cash. You can travel, sabotage, attack other players. You can start a pornstudio with your friends and become the most respected group of players in the city. Start a scandal with an opponent's studio or help them to grow in fame - the choice is yours. Keep your head up and put your faith in fair-play, it’s gonna repay you big! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!...

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