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Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Science Fiction
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Future
Fee: Free Developer:Simulator Developer
In:12696 Rank:859
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AsmandeZ Description

AsmandeZ is a browser-based game that pits the far-flung remnants of humanity against an all-conquering race of androids - the 'NeoRace'. Experience the escape from Solar System, war, peace and trade in the 29th century.

The story of Asmandez begins with the division of humanity and animosity between them. By the 2700s, mankind is spread across the Solar System. The divisions are, however, based mostly on power and wealth. As the tensions grow, research into military-applicable technologies intensifies, with the focus on autonomous fighting armies and faster-than-light travel. While only marginal progress is made in the latter field, the former is completely militarized by one of the smaller, yet still prominent powerful parties – the Mars Republic – and the autonomous robotic army, later nicknamed the NeoRace, is born.

After exacerbated political turmoil and some minor military conflicts in the Solar System, everything comes to a head. It is in the year 2722 that a full-fledged war, what later came to be called the First NeoRace War, burns through the human race, with each group fighting for its own supremacy.

A few months later, the Mars party unleashes their NeoRace army, in hopes of a swift conclusion to the war and dominion over the humanity. But in the face of a new common enemy, the rest of humankind is forced to join forces and the war rages on, with the robots winning it little by little.

In a desperate attempt to turn the tide of war, the allied human forces mount a suicide mission against the control centers of the NeoRace army. As a result of the operation, the NeoRaces objective programming is destroyed with the fortunate byproduct of them turning against their Mars masters and annihilating them completely, thus ending the war.

However, the NeoRaces themselves remain active, albeit harmless. They move to the outer reaches of the Solar System and cease any contact with humans. But now that they have no enemy to fight, they start doing the only other things they know how to: increasing their numbers and advancing their technology.

The human race lives on, in perpetual fear of the robots, and unable to attack them, so they too begin amassing armies and technology and preparing defenses for the time when the robots – with their unknowable and addled objectives – decide to attack again.

For almost eighty years, this new kind of "cold war" continues where without any formal truce or indeed even contact, both races avoid any interactions with the other. Until one day, out of the absolute black of the space, a single mysterious small spaceship appears on the edge of Solar System, just inside the human territories.

This at first escapes the notice of human guard posts, put in place to alarm against a NeoRace invasion, but nothing escapes the attention of robots. In retrospect, the humans analyzed the NeoRaces' behavior and determined that they must have detected the Mars signature from the mysterious ship's transponders, and per their old programming, have entered Solar System to finish their job. The robophobic humans, however, interpreted this move as the invasion they so much feared, and responded with all their defensive missile force. The robots, now under attacks from humans, adapted their objectives to the newly realized enemy – the human race – and the Second NeoRace War began in earnest...

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