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Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Space
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Future
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Cybertopia.
In:47987 Rank:132
33 votes


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Astro Empires Description

Astro Empires is a free MMO Browser Game of Space Strategy. Players start by developing structures in a planet base. Then it’s necessary do build defenses and create a fleet of spaceships for space exploration and invasion.
The game offers long playability and community organization allowing guilds to control entire galaxies and unleash millions of fleets to invade enemy strongholds. With the recent version 2, the game is now more fun to play and less difficult.

Main Features
• Real-time MMO Space Strategy Game
• Compete with thousands of players
• Create an Empire from a simple outpost
• Join a guild and participate in Galaxy Wars
• Free to play (offers 7 days upgrade)


Astro Empires uses a specialized coordinate system to denote locations, as detailed below :

- First, the galaxy coordinate is designated by the initial of whatever server is being viewed followed by a number representing the specific galaxy on that server.
- Next, the region coordinate is designated by what row and column of the galaxy it is in.
- Third, the system coordinate is designated by what row and column of the region it is in, in the same manner as the region coordinate.
- Fourth, the astro coordinate is designated by the star orbit number and the planetary orbit number.


Credits are the monetary unit used in Astro Empires, and are the basis of the game's economy. Credits are used to build structures and defenses on bases, to set up trade routes, to produce fleet (ships), and to invest in researching new technologies. Credits are received every hour on the hour, based on the total economy of a player's empire.


Researching new technologies primarily increase the capacities of a player's ships and bases. They also unlock new structures and starships that can be built, and grant access to more advanced technologies to further develop your empire. You can only research technologies at bases with research labs on them. Nearly all technologies require multiple research labs.


Bases are representative of territory in Astro Empires. First and foremost, having a base on an astro means that a player owns that astro, and can use it to build various structures, most of which boost the base's ability to construct new buildings, produce new ships, and research new technologies, and many of which improve its economy, thus boosting the player's credit income. Also, a player can build defensive structures to protect the base, shipyards to produce new starships, and (as mentioned above) research labs to research new technologies or improve existing ones.


Once a base has at least one spaceport built, it can start a trade route with another base. The initial cost of the trade route is determined by the distance between the two bases; for example, a trade route from a base located in A00:49:10 to a base located in A00:59:10 will cost 10 credits, since they are 10 lightyears apart. If a trade route is set between 2 different players, both players pay half the trade route cost...

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Astro Empires Review/Guide

Astro Empires Review

Since each of the 3 main aspects of the game (Economy, Fleet, and Research) tie in with one another, you may want to designate certain planets to produce certain results, as each planet has a limited amount of space to build on (which can be increased after researching abilities such as Terraforming or Multilevel Platforms). You could have one planet doing nothing but Research with another brining in Credits and Ships.

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Astro Empires Guide: How to Build 10 Planets in 7 days!

More planets means more resources, more fleets and higher rank. So do Astro Empires. And this is a guide from the Astro Empire Wiki that will teach you how to build 10 planets within your first 7 days, which is from the Astro Empire Wiki, with some advice attached at the end.

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