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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:basketsim.com
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Basketsim Description

Basketsim is a neverending basketball challenge.Train your players to become superstars, compete in national and international cups, watch live matches against your league opponents. Take part in Basketsim draft, get youth stars from camps and colleges.Your decisions may bring you success or failure. Whatever it is, share it with other users on Basketsim forums, where hundreds of comments are posted each day.

Basketsim season is divided in two parts. In first part of the season there are two league matches per week. It's a tough part of the season when things are happening fast but only few crucial decision are taken yet. Strong bench and good tiredness control can prove as crucial in this part of the season. After Basketsim draft, national cups start in Basketsim. This is the second part of the season and only one league per match is played then, but matches become more and more important. If you are not playing in cup or if you are eliminated you still have an opportunity to arrange friendly matches, get some money from attendance and perfectionize your training.


Tactics are an important part of Basketsim. When you choose which tactic to play, you give a lecture to explain to your players how you expect them to behave on the court. Players will follow your instructions and play in a specific way in offense and in defense. For example they will shoot more or less, make more or less turnovers and so on. However, keep in mind that players are not robots and they won't always behave exactly as you want. The set of available tactics is described below.


Each Basketsim player has 10 basic skills(BallhandlingQuickness Passing Dribbling Rebounding Positioning Freethrows ShootingDefense ). But there are some other factors that can affect his performance. Physical characteristics (height and weight) are important and tiredness can also affect players in a negative way. A player's personality can also be important in certain situations. We will explain this further, later in this chapter.


Basketsim matches are played twice a week. On saturdays and sundays league matches are played in all countries. You can check the exact dates for each league under League in main menu. On tuesdays and wednesdays the 2nd match of the week is played. This can be a league, cup or friendly match. In first half of the season league matches are played twice per week and in the second part of the season the cup is played on tuesdays/wednesdays. When a team is knocked out of the cup, they can play friendly matches with any other team that is also out of cup. Some teams have a free pass to the 2nd round of the cup and can play friendly match when other teams are playing 1st round of national cup. International cups are the opportunity for each team to play 3rd match in a week.


There are many ways to spend money in Basketsim. Your starting money is very important and you should carefully plan where to invest it. You have several options: to strengthen your squad with Free Agents, to do it with youngsters, to buy new players on the market, to invest into great coach and optimize your players training or to enlarge your arena and get the most out of attendence money. There is no right or wrong decision where to invest your money, just avoid the bankruptcy...

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