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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Racing
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages Developer:BATracer
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BATracer Description

Batracer is a browser webgame similar to some racing manager style webgames. However, it is unique in that gameplay centres around the player as the driver, rather than the team manager. This introduces multiplayer team work as an important part of success. BATracer is also more graphically orientated than most browser games with 2d overhead maps, charts, car and helmet painting.

you can play in many carsets which are:

- Formula 1 2007, Formala 1 2006, Formula 1 2002, Forumla 1 1986
- Le Mans Enduro
- V8 Supercar
- A1 GP
- Champcar
- Kit Cars

there are also many more to come.


Play as a driver competing to win the drivers championship

Work with your team mate to secure the constructors championship

Various carsets and race series, race in several series at once

Paint your car and helmet!

Setup your car for optimum speed

Select driving style and race strategy

Changing weather conditions

Different car, tyre and engine attribuites

Safety cars

Practice, qualifying and race

Complete breakdown of the race results including commentary

Circuit maps showing car positions at race end


Championship analysis between teams, drivers and team mates

Lap by lap track map replay


Car Setup Page and Practice Laps

For each race you need to tune your car to a particular circuit. Fast circuits need low drag settings, and bumpy circuits need more supple suspension. Check your engineers report for initial advice. When you are ready to drive your first lap, click on TEST.

Driving Laps and Fine Tuning

Each time you take to the circuit you will gain more information about the car and which parameters you need to change. The ideal setup lies somewhere between the indicated "lo" and "hi" values. By positioning the slider for each parameter within this range you can fine tune your setup to perfection. The biggest performance gains are usually made within the first few laps...

BATracer Screenshot

BATracer Video

BATracer Review/Guide

BATracer Guide: Expanded Quickstart Guide

This is a Expanded Quickstart Guide based on the official Quickstart guide, which is made by Jerry Ross. The original guide is about how to join a public game, how to setup your car, how to understand the driving style and something more about the race. Here we extract the first part, which explaines how to join a public game.

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