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Battle of the Valley

Battle of the Valley


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adult
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:BattleOfTheValley.com
In:155151 Rank:28
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Battle of the Valley Description

Battle of the Valley is an online RPG (Role Playing Game) unlike any other on the internet. BotV is for adults only with adult themes. Here you can meet new friends, virtually screw them, then beat the shit out of them and take their money or condoms. So come on in and interact with over 5000 other players. Make sure you read the tutorial. Battle of the Valley is FREE to play and registering only takes a second. So select which Server to play on and sign up today!


There are 5 types of stats used on BOTV: Thrusting power, excitement, protection, porn star qualifiers, and street smarts.

Thrusting power determines how much damage you do in battle,

Excitement is used to determine your hit rate in battle,

Protection reduces the amount of damage done to you when you are hit,

Porn star qualifiers and Street smarts are used to what jobs you are able to do.

The Valley

Who's Fucked Now?

Quarantined Ho's: This is where people are placed when they have crabs or herpes. Crabs are curable by using RidCrab; there is no cure for Herpes. Both types of bugs require an hour of quarantine before they go away on their own.

Working Ho's: Here you will find a list of any escorts currently being fucked.

Health Clinic: This is where you go when you are attacked, or attack someone, and lose, run from a fight, or get fucked up at the Bar. You will have to wait out your time, or use penicillin to get yourself out early.

L.A. County Lockup: This is where you go if you fail a crime or get caught up while attacking someone. You need to wait out your time or use a Jail Key for early release.

Shit Talk

Shit Talk is a 'live' chat box. Type in the box, and socialize with folks in the Valley. No need to refresh the page, the Shit Talk box automatically refreshes every five seconds.

Dirty Talk

Starr Radio -BoTV's very own radio station. Tune in and enjoy the music! If you find there is no DJ, check back again at another time.

IRC chat & Java Chat -This will take you to the IRC/Java BoTV chat room. There aren't many rules in the chatroom, just no spam, no advertising, and whining is not a good idea.

Bulletins -Bulletin messages from players on your Fuck Buddies list.

Forums -This is a quick link to the BoTV forums.

Battle Valley Polls -From time to time polls will be raised to get members opinions on certain subjects. Use this link to view any active or old Polls...

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