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Battle of Survival

Battle of Survival


Genre:Social Games Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Overdose Caffeine
In:22134 Rank:372
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Battle of Survival Description

Battle of Survival offers you an unique gameplay, much different from the classic Browser-Based games you are used to. In BOS you jump in a fast, realtime, multiplayer battle simulation. The game takes action in an epic battle between Humans and Cyborgs. You find yourself in a world of Humans that have been using magic for centuries.

When you start the game, you pick your side as Rven Gharr Magic School (Humans) or Cyborg Invasion Colony (Cyborgs). You pick your weapons and skills then immediately jump in this endless battle.


60+ choice of weapon and attack skills

Weapons include a large variety from medieval to high tech weapons. And the special attacks change between high tech and spell kind attacks. You can throw fireballs, use plasma rifles, or call your cyborg satellites to send an air attack to the target location.

Different Vehicles

You can use different vehicles (from helicopters to giant mech warriors), mountable weapons, turrets that exist on the map you play.

4 types of gameplay:

Teammatch: Classic team match, humans vs cyborgs.

Capture the Flag: Classic ctf mode, you try to take the enemy teams flag and bring it to your base.

Deathmatch: Everyone vs each other.

Battleship Assault: Use helicopters (human) and Assault Ships (cyborg) in order to first take down the enemy battleship shields, then to board and destroy their battleship main reactor.

Create a clan
You can also create a clan and gather up best fighters to rule the world of Battle of Survival...

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