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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Points Theme: Crime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:ManovaLL
In:11498 Rank:981
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BGMafia Description

BGMAFIA is a mass online browser-based game. All the old bosses were deposed and now it's time for the new ones to redistribute powers. All the new gangsters want to replace them, but the mafia boss could be only one. Prove that you're the best - be the mafia boss. You have a bone to pick and now is the time for VENDETTA!

Do you remember the prison? The f*ckin' cell? The police behind your back? Remember them, remember them good - never to come back again! Now you are free with 1000 bucks in your pocket, earned while you serviced the sentence in jail. Again on the street, with no old friendships and alliances. It is time to fight and regain your street and earn the respect of others. You choose your methods the target is one - power and money.

In the beginning

You are a gangster in a criminal world. You start with some cash and have to rice. Respect is everything - everythime you win you gain respect. At the beginning you grab cash and develop your skills by attacking passers-by. If you are not cautious the police can catch you and you will have to spend some time in prison.

Bars and cafes

In order to anything in the game, you need stamina and everything you do takes stamina. You can fill up your stamina by drinking cofes and all the other stuff in the bars.

Armed and dangerous

As you become stronger you can match with the others. If you want to have an advantage you can arm weapon, take a car and a dog. You can find them in the blackmarket, where anyone can trade their stuff.

Rackets and money

When you are armed and dangerous you have much more options - you can racket all the bussineses around and thus make a profit from them even when you're not in the game. But be carefull - take care your rackets because someone else can take it from you as long as your money.

My men, my gang

Join a gang when you and your friends want to attack your enemies. When you are in a gang you have much more chance to racket and protect your properties. Everyone in the gang take a part from the rackets in the gang and thus they help eachother. If other gang wants your territory smash it!

When you become a millionaire

When you have millions you can build your own factories and thus you can produce yoursel anything - cars, weapons even breed dogs. And if you want want you can just speculate in the market and control the prices - buy cheap, sell high...

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