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Genre: Community Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pets
Graphics: 2D Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:BittyBay LTD.
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BittyBay Description

BittyBay is an online virtual chat experience. Kids from all over the world have fun at BittyBay by playing games, collecting avatars and items, decorating their own personal spaces (called "Territories"), socialzing with other players, and most importantly being who they want to be. The BittyBay world is designed to stimulate players into using their imaginations by exploring this fascinating virtual realm of animals and nature.


Bit(s) is the term used for BittyBay's in-game currency. Bits are used to purchase special exrtas within the game such as decorative items for your private rooms/territories, gaming items (Such as "Digging Spades"), tickets for events, exclusive avatars and more.


Following extensive ground maintenance, a large colony of gophers has been discovered living within the Bunny Botanic. Initial reports estimate that gopher clearance could be an extremely costly process, so we are rewarding YOU for catching the gophers for us!

Rumours speculate that gophers appear roughly every 20-70 minutes. For each gopher you are able to catch, you will be rewarded with 5 Bits! To catch a gopher, simply be the first to click on it when it appears out of one of the gopher holes!

Gold fever
It is a little known fact that rabbits are addicted to all things bright and shiny. What was once a haven for rabbits, "The Burrow" is now only an echo of its former self, over-ridden by all those who seek fortune in its gold-rich soils.

Through the riches found in The Burrow, the glorious and royal "Underground" was born. This sacred location serves as a shrine to commemorate all those who came, who conquered, and those who went insane in the goldrush of 2007.

TreasureHowever, many believe that there is still treasure to be found. Deep in the soils of "The Burrow", it is believed that countless pieces of gold still exist and remain unexcavated. The gold fever is starting to pulsate through the veins of every adventurous rabbit and we predict that the events of the 2007 goldrush are about to repeat. Prepare yourselves, the madness and chaos is about to begin... Gold Fever!...

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