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Broken Realm

Broken Realm


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2.5D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:R2Games
In:25332 Rank:308
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Broken Realm Description

Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a medieval-fantasy MMORPG released by R2Games and uses optimized 2.5D, realistic graphics to visually pull players into a vast virtual world.


The World of Broken Realm


The reign of King Valcroy, after the defeat of the Undead and the evil Ice Queen, was a golden age of peace and prosperity. For many generations, Vidalia was the center of trade, commerce, and protection from the outlying lands beyond the influence of the Vidalian Monarchy.

That was until the warrior queen, Hitomi VII, was assassinated without a direct heir to the throne. Nephews, cousins, uncles, all laid claim to the throne and the unity of the kingdom was quickly torn asunder. Queen Hitomi’s nephew, Prince Rycroft, a ruthless and power-hungry man, but a man with the strongest claim to the throne, was able to take control of the capital city of Everglade and proclaimed himself King of all Vidalia. While the city itself is mostly stable, constant threats from rival claimants and enemy outlying lands has led to constant battle and a need for a steady stream of warriors ready to support the claims of King Rycroft and bring stability back to the realm.

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Broken Realm Review/Guide

Broken Realm Guide: Malacris

The Malacris is a forge-able "sword" obtained at level 50 that provides an initial boost of 350 matk and patk, with later upgrades providing more benefits. It also gives a great boost to your Battle Rating. Be warned, it may take some time to forge it initially, but the reward for obtaining it is oh so nice ...

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Broken Realm Review by Zevri

Broken Realm is a browser based MMOrpg by R2games which puts players in a world that is at war with itself as claimant rise up to claim the throne of Valcroy and the stability of the kingdom is at stake. Is this world worth saving or will players merely leave it to its own devices...

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Broken Realm Guide: Basic Features

Here are some details about the basic features in Broken Realm. If you wanna know more about this game, just check this guide first...

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