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Buccaneers and Lobsters

Buccaneers and Lobsters


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Pirates
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Medieval
Fee: Free Developer:Omnisoft Serviced Ltd.
In:7728 Rank:1671
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Buccaneers and Lobsters Description

Buccaneers and Lobsters is a pirate themed turn based adventure web game. You can buy ships, sailors, weapons and other items to ensure you build up your armada while avoiding Davey Jones' Locker.

- Multiplayer or Player vs Computer
- Buy or earn gold coins to buy ships, crew and weapons
- Chat online with friends and foes
- Admiral's League of High Scores

It's 1798 during the Napoleonic wars. Keep your Admiral's hat on and you can rule the seven seas!
You start off with nothing more than yourself and 15,000 gold coins that you looted/ kindly donated by the king. You can buy ships, sailors, weapons and other items to ensure you build up your armada while avoiding Davey Jones' Locker.

Aim of the Game

You are an Admiral of a fleet of ships ... well one ship to begin with ;) and your sole aim is to build a large armada of ships, destroying or boarding other ships around the ocean and increase your overall Points Score. You can attack both computer (CPU) and other player ships by firing cannons or attempting to board their vessel and take it over to add it to your fleet.

But be careful as you are given a limited amount of gold to begin with and cannon balls and crew aren't cheap so you can sell off ships and their crew and cargo at different trading port islands to build up a stronger ship.


Invite friends who have joined up to the game. All you need to know is their user name and you can invite them to your map to wage war. Chat online together either in the map view or even during a battle to taunt your enemy!


Your overall score is made up of experience points which you earn each time you fight and win a battle and the number of wins vs. losses you count up. Can you reach the top of the Buccaneers and Lobsters League tables to the envy of your friends?...

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