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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:bazzer
In:27935 Rank:268
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BuzzerBeater Description

BuzzerBeater is an online basketball simulation game that pits you against other managers across the planet. Play head-to-head against other challengers, employing strategic game play and statistical analysis. Go beyond fantasy basketball and run your own franchise.

-Take your team to the top of your league
Then continue up the BuzzerBeater ranks to beat out managers from around the world. No excuses. No retreat. Just you and 43360 opponents who would like nothing better than to run you out of the gym.

-Realistic basketball action
Play the most advanced basketball simulation and coaching AI ever released. Watch games live on a state-of-the-art viewer.

-You're the manager
You pick the players, you train them, and you tell them how to play. Want a bigger arena? Build it. Want to draft a superstar? It's all about scouting. You make the decisions and you’re in charge!

BuzzerBeater Tour

Build Your Team

-As the new manager of a basketball team, you're given a group of scrubs

-Each player has a unique set of skills and abilities

-Buy, sell, draft, and train players to improve your team

Scout Your Opponents

-Compete in a league with 15 other subscribers

-Each season, the best teams promote to tougher leagues

-Lead your team to the top of Division 1

Set Your Game Orders

-Pick your starters, backups, and reserves for each game

-Select your offense and defense based on your opponents strengths and weaknesses

-Your decisions determine the outcome of the game!

Watch Your Games Live

-Games are showcased live in an ESPN-style gamecast with colorful commentary

-See first-hand how your decisions affect the gameplay

-Named the most realistic basketball simulation and AI by numerous news sources

International Competition

-Join a thriving international community of basketball fans

-Engage in scrimmages and private leagues with subscribers from around the world

-Follow your country's National Team. Will your superstar make the cut?

BuzzerBeater Screenshot

BuzzerBeater Video

BuzzerBeater Review/Guide

BuzzerBeater Guide: Helpful Hints

Buzzerbeater is an online basketball simulation game that pits you against other managers across the planet. Here are some hits for players such as Match Report Abbreviations, Schedule Page Abbreviations, Skills for Each Position and so on.

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