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Genre: Strategy Status: Closed Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Free Developer:LeKool inc.
In:22257 Rank:376
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Caesary (LeKool) Description

Caesary is a web based strategy game with a Roman theme. Start as a Consul of the Roman Empire and rewrite history, bringing order back to Rome. Expand your city, recruit heroes, train devastating armies, conquer land and forge your empire. Battle other players and monsters with immersive real-time strategic combat as you rampage your way across a massive world map.


1. Battle Replay. You can simulate the grandeur of past combat in graphical animation and the detailed statistics of the fight in text log. It pleasures your eyes as well as educates your mind.

2. Dogfight. Traditional strategic battles involve just you and your opponents. Now, Caesary allows you to join other players' battle in the middle or have someone else's join your own battle. Any time! (In theory, the entire server's players can jump in one battle in progress!)

3. Six types of Hero with 255 levels. Heroes with 6 types of Potential appear randomly for you to recruit and capture. Your heroes will serve you well if you treat them right. Broaden their Experience (EXP) and develop their Traits on your path to victory!

4. iPod-Touch-like Smooth Interface. Browse World map with mouse drag as if you're scrolling your iPod screen.  Transfer and exchange troops by drag-and-drop! No more boring scroll down menu!

5. Personalized Identity. Player (lord) avatar is freely changeable with dozens of images to choose from. League Emblem (league's symbol) is customizable to a degree that it's unlikely you'd see another league using the same set of design as yours.

6. Historical Context. Caesary is committed to recreate the Roman Empire with reference to buildings, quests, items, and the use of tactics! Players get total immersion into the era of Roman glory.

7. Unprecedented Colonization System. Caesary brings forth the original concept of Sovereign-Tributary relationship! As sovereign city lord, one can own as many Tributary cities as their power and diplomatic charm can allow. You are able to take 20% tax rate from each one of your Tributary cities. But watch out! Before you get too comfortable, make sure your dominance won't be compromised by any potential mutiny (War of Independence)!

8. Inter-city Resource Supply Line. Transportation system in Caesary is powerful. You don't wait for resource supply. Supply Line turnaround is 6 minutes away at most. Turn your mind to expand your city. Worry less about running the transportation errands...

Caesary (LeKool) Screenshot

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Caesary (LeKool) Video

Caesary (LeKool) Review/Guide

Some Guides and Strategies to Caesary

Here is a guide collected from Caesary's Official Forum written by Xanxari. And according to the author, this guide is for players that know and understand the game well. Beginners may find it difficult to understand some terminology. If you are a superior player in Caesary, then this guide must be helpful to you.

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Most people in Caesary are wondering about the item drop rates of the current wildernesses. So here comes the list of four types of wilderness that are currently available for players. Hope you can find some useful info from this guide although there are some arguments about the drop rates...

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Caesary Guide: Quick Tips for Beginners

You must be anxious about how to expand your city, how to recruit heroes and conquer land to forge your empire, right? Don't worry, here are the quick tips about Caesary basic development and the in-game heroes. These tips should get you on the way of becoming a true Caesary master...

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