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Call of Thrones


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:YeepGame
In:48802 Rank:124
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Call of Thrones Description

There are times when the kingdoms of men fall into the mists of the past, when the things that whisper softly in the shadows come into the light. This is one of those times. An ailing king sits upon the throne of our kingdom and the great lords of the land prepare for war. In the South the rivers and green pastures have withered in drought. To the North the wolves and animals of the tundra no longer approach our settlements. Even our people in the western desert weep as sand storms strip their crops and claim their livestock.

Lord Targathyon commands the North and fears the winter snows will claim too many of his men.  Before winter embraces his armies, he marches south to the throne. 

Lord Lanniker reigns in the South and even his servants thirst for the rains and the rivers and to return.   The soldiers of the south rest in camps along the dry valleys and will soon turn against their lord if they do not march northward to the king and his throne.

The western Lord, Vassal, cannot leave his fort without facing the desert sands.  His people once cultivated dates and raised great fish in the pools of the desert oases.  Now his army approaches the throne and petitions a dying king for the lives of his people.

There was a time when a great king sat upon the throne of our kingdom, but those days have passed and now only an old man remains to keep the memory of peace burning in the hearts of our people.   The streets clog with the peasants as they cry out the names of the great lords, men who live in the shadow of war and claim peace by the hilt of a bloodied sword.  

The kingdom faces hard times, and while the generals marshal their men, the old ones awaken.  Strange creatures emerge from the depths of the land and lay claim to the peace of our Kingdom.  Bandits approach the villages and steal the bread of the townspeople.  The outlaws no longer fear the power of the throne.   Even our farms suffer the burden of feeding starving soldiers, as they march towards the king.

You, a newly enlisted soldier, must serve your clan and bring peace to this kingdom on the brink of war. With ancient evils and the armies of the great lords surrounding you, not even the heavens know your fate.  Remember, the key to victory is controlling the throne.  This is the CALL OF THRONES! 

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Call of Thrones Review/Guide

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