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City of Eternals

City of Eternals


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Horror
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Ohai, Inc.
In:31675 Rank:214
311 votes


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City of Eternals Description

City of Eternals is a 3D online virtual world of modern vampires that playable within your browser, with well designed backstory. You will be able to log in with your Facebook account and play with your friends on Facebook.

For those who are addict to the legends of Vampires, you are soon able to write your own story of being a Vampire in a 3D online virtual world. A new game company Ohai, is working on their first Flash-based 3D MMO - City of Eternals, which is set in a world of modern vampires.

City of Eternals is set in the city called "New Valencia", where you complete missions and adventure to become the ultimate vampire. You can achieve that in many ways, including: defeating monsters and other vampires in combat, harvesting raw materials and crafting precious items, and completing mission adventures in New Valencia. The more you perform these activities, the more powerful your vampire becomes. You can also customize your clothing and home, and meet fellow City of Eternal players from around the world. You can even create your own vampire House by turning your friends into Minions who do your bidding! (And that’s just the start.)


Totally and Completely Free to Play

There are no subscriber fees and no software to buy!

Play in Flash

All you need is an internet browser, Flash, and a Facebook account – No downloads!

Play with your Facebook Friends

City of Eternals is fully integrated with your Facebook account, so you can play with your current friends.  If you make new friends while playing (and we really hope that you do!) you can easily add them to your Facebook friends list to find them next time you play!  There are thousands of other players for you to meet and play with in real time!

Get a Quick Fix

City of Eternals is designed around quick play sessions.  Five or ten minutes is plenty of time to check in with a few friends and finish your newest mission!

Play in 3D

The city of New Valencia is entirely rendered in gorgeous 3D with over 100 zones to explore, but still extremely lightweight, web-based, and doesn’t require the latest and greatest computer to run!

Fully Customizable

Do you want to be a solitary vamp, slaughtering legions all by your lonesome, or do you want to devote your character to healing and helping your friends?  Choose a hairstyle, clothing, and fighting gear, or learn some of the harvesting and crafting skills to make your own!  Customize your very own vampire home: do you want a dark, foreboding lair, or a glamorous penthouse?  Build an entourage by recruiting Facebook friends to go on missions as your own personal minions!..

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