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Clash of Kingdoms


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient World
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Koramgame
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Clash of Kingdoms Description

Clash of Kingdoms is a browser-based MMOSLG set in the war-torn plains of Ancient China, where players collaborate in developing cities, raising armies and waging epic battles to elevate their kingdoms to absolute sovereignty above all nations. The closed beta test is expected to run in the late October and the official site is not available right now. 

Novel Features

Clash of Kingdoms boasts three innovative systems – Elections, Legions and Kingdom Warfare - that facilitate collaboration and bring the thrill of ancient history to life.


Just as in real life, CoK Kingdoms are actual political entities that elect citizens to lead the country into battle and carry out domestic policies at home. Each citizen in the kingdom votes to elect a Premier and Ministry from a pool of the kingdom’s top players. The elected candidates, the premier and his two ministers, become the chief tacticians of the kingdom, determining their nation’s course with domestic and martial strategies which they broadcast on the world map and in chats. When citizens act together, their collective power is formidable to any enemy who should stand in their way.


As Kingdoms grow in power and size, fighting multi-front battles and developing at rapid speeds, it is easy for individual players to get lost in the bare immensity of the task before them. For players who desire an even stronger sense of community - a tight knit group of players within a kingdom who work towards smaller-scale, tangible goals - Clash of Kingdoms also offers a legion system. Legions have their own private mailing system and forum for discussion; they offer players the opportunity to sound off on their opinions, trade strategies and brag of their accomplishments. They are often highly selective and comprised of elite players whose collected efforts effect serious change within the game. Regardless of level, the Legion system offers an exciting chance for friends old and new to interact in the game and rewrite Three Kingdoms history!

Kingdom Warfare

The Kingdom Warfare system is Clash of Kingdoms' pièce de résistance. Battles are fought on a massive scale, with some containing as many as a million soldiers. With flash-animated real-time battles and a diverse array of troop types deployed by individual players, the Kingdom Warfare system is far more realistic than any other web-based MMORLG of its kind. For those who crave the thrill of war, the joy of camaraderie and the glory of victory, the Kingdom Warfare system is the place to be.

History in the Making

Clash of Kingdoms is set in one of the most exciting periods of history China and the world has ever known. It was a period where aboriginal warriors often triumphed over high-ranking generals, where ingenious strategies and esoteric Chinese philosophies overcame pure manpower; a period of magic and whim. Clash of Kingdoms has created an environment where players can experience the wonder of this epoch firsthand. As players develop their resources and research technology they will have the opportunity to recruit elite historical Heroes (Epic Heroes) to lead their armies in battle and in city development missions. Each Hero has certain strengths and weaknesses and comes with a set of personalized skills, attacks and abilities based on actual historical accounts of the Heroes’ exploits. In the Arena, players can also participate in Historical Campaigns: battles that situate the player and his army in actual historical situations. If history isn’t your thing, the Arena also hosts PvP battles and small-sides battles for those looking for a more individual battle experience.

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