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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Space
Graphics: 3D Period: Future
Fee: Developer:Bigpoint GmbH
In:21124 Rank:396
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DarkOrbit Description

Dark Orbit is a massively multiplayer browser-based game (using Flash) published by Bigpoint GmbH. It consists of interaction and travel in a persistent space setting. It includes trading, combat, and mining of resources.

Turbulent action scenes and breathtaking graphics make the intergalactic missions and fast chase maneuvers of this real-time multiplayer shooter into a first-class space adventure! With a sensationally large selection of 3D generated space ships, the battle against enemy companies for galactic raw materials becomes fun-filled action like you’ve never seen before in a browser game.

Whether Starjet, Battlecruiser, or Starfighter – the Commanders of these high-tech chase vessels fight with sophisticated weapons systems for the dominance of the universe. The rich 3D look and a perfect Flash animation allow you to forget your everyday worries: thrilling missions and dangerous aliens are waiting for you in DarkOrbit.


Players gain experience to level up, gaining the rights to travel into new space sectors. The currency is Uridium and Credits, through out the game you can get Uridium in small numbers but you can pay for Uridium which will get you the best items in the game. Players select a company EIC MMO VRU. These companies battle each other to get to the top of a score board which has lots of information regarding each company.


Maps are the backgrounds that you travel across. They are very beautiful and are always full of planets and stars and things like that. These are also called the lower maps. When you change maps through the jump portals, a diagram of the maps is shown. The picture below shows this diagram.


You will often find yourself in situations where you will need to protect yourself, and find yourself more frequently in situations where you will need to attack.

Currently, there are two weapon categories available. Laser and rockets. With both weapon categories you will require to target a ship - which is done by simply clicking on a target. The target will receive a red circle and you will see the enemy’s hitpoints. Once the enemy has been targeted – you may choose either the laser or the rockets. If you click on the laser, your ship will attack continuously until either the ammunition has run out or the enemy has been destroyed. Clicking on the rocket, will fire only a single shot. Tip: Try clicking on laser first and then fire several rockets. With CTRL you can fire the laser and with SPACE you can fire the rockets.

Tip: Under Extras you will find a "Rocket Booster", which will result in a faster firing rate for your rockets! ...

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DarkOrbit Review/Guide

Darkorbit Guide: Invasion Gate FAQ

In DarkOrbit, A Great Company Event to show your strength and will power. This Invasion Gate will open up in the middle of the map and be available to your companies only. The Goal is to see which company can kill the most NPC's and win the Overall prize.

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DarkOrbit Guide: FAQ of The Drones

In DarkOrbit, the drones circle your ship and support you in what ever way you equipped them, extras, lasers or shield generators. It is on you to decide if you want to have a battle cruiser or all shield generators as protection...

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Dark Orbit Review

As soon as you enter the game world, you'll find yourself in your faction's space station with a good chunk of change. The first thing I recommend doing is to use some of your starting money to purchase a new ship, as the starting one is terrible. After purchasing your new ship, I recommend you spent the rest of your starting money on ammunition and extra armor. With your newly purchased equipment new players should be able to hold their own against other players in the beginner zones against both NPCs and players.

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