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DDTank (AeriaGames)

DDTank (AeriaGames)


Genre: Shooter Status: Final
Time Unit:Turn-based Theme: PvP Fighting
Graphics: 2D Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Aeria Games
In:31027 Rank:225
52 votes


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DDTank (AeriaGames) Description

DDTank is the new hit game that lets you fight against your friends…or with them. Stock your arsenal with a variety of weapons. Personalize your characters with awesome costumes and power-ups. Win battles to earn EXP and level up!


Easy to join: Just ten seconds to register and start playing!

100% Free: Yes it’s 100% Free

Hilarious and explosive combat: Use ninja stars, toilet plungers, machine guns and tomatoes

Show Your Style: Customize your weapons, your appearance and even your chatbox

Love and War: Get married in-game for husband-and-wife EXP bonuses and perks

DDTank (AeriaGames) Screenshot

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DDTank (AeriaGames) Video

DDTank (AeriaGames) Review/Guide

DDTank Review

If you've ever played a game in the Worms series you'll know what to expect from DDTank (though without the zanier weaponry and level of depth). DDTank is a turn-based tactical shooter where you fight opponents with everything from firecrackers to television sets...

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