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Genre: Shooter Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 3D Period: Science Fiction
Fee: Developer:Bigpoint GmbH
In:27939 Rank:258
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Deepolis Description

Deepolis – your top destination when it comes to action-packed MMO browser games! Dive into the abysmal depths of the 3D oceans and experience the rapture of the deep. Fight in exciting battles and navigate your sub through mysterious subaquatic worlds and unknown ocean rifts. Use your tactical skill at the trading stations and attack enemy fractions and fleets.

Three fractions invite you to come take a look at their ships and technologies, and to fight together for a better future.

Deepolis offers you a fantastic underwater world to explore. But beware: danger lurks everywhere! Thousands of cloaked but very real opponents are cruising through Poseidon’s realm!

Using the latest technologies, Deepolis entertains new players and old pros alike – this browser game offers you real naval action in group systems, real-time missiles, an avatar creator, epic quests and much, much more – let yourself be swept away into a fascinating world full of adventures!

Deepolis Storyline

- combines online action, trade aspects, complex quests and clan territories;

- introduces users effortlessly to the world of 3D action games with its intuitive game controls;

- entices players with a huge, seamless 3D underwater map;

- provides different benefits based on teamwork and specialization of your sub;

- uses a unique procedure to produce the large 3D map in fine details;

- offers a wide range and dynamic hierarchy of fractions, clans and groups;

- features different optical styles and backgrounds for the various fractions and provides the player with diverse basic conditions. These can be selected freely;

- gives clans in Deepolis the chance to populate underwater territories composed of fortresses, sonar buoys and farms.

- allows groups, in a novel way for browser games, to execute attacks together, share the spoils of combat, and organize themselves quickly and simply.

The Nauts descend from the survivors of the international research communities in the Arctic and Antarctic. They have no central system of government, but are a loosely organized coalition of anarchists such as traders, soldiers and researchers. The Nauts took most of their know-how from the scientists of the Earth's surface and have been able to hone these valuable skills. Other fractions highly treasure the knowledge of the Nauts and their manufactured goods. After the Final Continental War, they were able to make their most notable achievements in nanotechnology and their subaqueous survival is based mainly on this skill.

The Scion survived because they were able to quickly adapt their knowledge of photovoltaics and biology for the specific purpose of producing oxygen. As opposed to the other fractions, the Scion never went through a phase of free-for-all fighting for survival. For this reason, they have maintained a more civil and respectful manner with each other than can be observed in the other fractions, and have a healthier balance within their government and military. In a relatively peaceful migration, they moved to their preferred area of settlement near the surface of the ocean...

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Deepolis Review/Guide

Deepolis: General Advice for New Players

This is a guide which was written by D?ΔGULΔ? from Deepolis Official Forum. Welcome to the world of the deep blue sea. It may seem discouraging at first but keep with it and play smarter not harder. Here The guider will give you a general outline of the game Hope it helps.

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Deepolis Guide: Seven Tips for Success

Deepolis is one of the latest and best browser based games from Bigpoint. Here are some tips from the uzerzero in the official forum. For those who are currently in a low level. Maybe it can not directly lead you to "success", but at least you may find something to make the game more enjoyable.

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