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Divines of the East


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:NGames Interactive Limited
In:26701 Rank:219
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Divines of the East Description

Divines of the East is a free to play 2D online browser game. Players are thrown into an ancient era filled with unique and legendary creatures from Chinese mythology. Being hunted by the gods above and hated by the creatures below, you must forge friendships and call upon the power of your partners to help save the troubled land. Be prepared to enter a world never seen before! Try something new and enjoy a taste of mythology from the Orient - welcome to the East.

Game Features:
-Unique hand-drawn art style featuring Eastern-themed creatures and locations
-Delve straight into the unique world of Eastern mythology, filled with strange and powerful creatures
-Tons of clan features (Territory battles, ANBU, craft masters, buildings, quests, more)
-Arena, PvP events, and Daily Faction Wars (Immortal VS Demon - who will you fight for?)

Divines of the East Video

Divines of the East Review/Guide

Divines of The East: The Revenge of Shennong's Incarnation

Nowadays Cute Games are truly pooping up in the MMO scene. And recently, a browser based one brought by Game321 just started its Open Beta Phase on July. Clearly, we are talking about Divines of The East which is about to get released; and unlike any other game, this one offers cute graphics in a hand-drawn style featured everywhere...

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Divines of the East Review from MMOGoer.com

Divines of the East, a new browser-based MMORPG from Game321 has just entered closed beta. Its 2D side-scrolling and turn-based combat takes place in an ancient world inhabited by the legendary creatures of Chinese and Japanese mythology...

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Divines of the East Guide: Faction War

This guide is about the Faction War in Divines of the East, hope it can help you know more about this event...

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