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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Artix Entertainment, LLC
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DragonFable Description

Dragonfable is a 2D, online browser-based single-player RPG, and the prequel to "AdventureQuest." Characters can be controlled in a 2D animated world, completing quests and advancing the story. There's also a PvP feature where you can compete against the heroes created by other players, to see who's the best in the virtual land. The game offers premium features, which give players an additional three character slots, as well as access to advanced features and in-game equipment.

Each player may create an account, which can have up to three playable characters for non-paying players or up to six characters for Dragon Amulet holders (paying players). Each character is associated with a base class and has an upgradeable combat level and six trainable stats. The game allows players to engage in turn-based combat against monsters and villains to accumulate experience points, gold, and equipment. Players may use a character's gold to purchase additional equipment and pets in the game to aid in combat. Along with an ever-expanding world featuring regular quests, DragonFable also features temporary special events, such as holidays and wars.


Players are able to walk their character around and explore a 2D world. Players may also interact and team-up with NPCs in different towns and have them help in battle with special abilities.

Also, players may engage in PvP ("Player Versus Player") battles at an in-game arena called Aeris Battlespire. In these battles, contrary to its name, players do not actually compete against other real-world players who may also be online at that moment. Instead, the player's character battles against an AI-controlled opponent, whose configuration (name, appearance, and statistics) is based upon the saved profile of another player's character.


When a player starts playing DragonFable for the first time, they must create a character before they can begin playing. A player can also create a character for each available slot at any time. The player is given a choice of which gender and class they want their character to be, as well as the character's appearance and name. All classes have 14 unlockable abilities and each class has a different set. The base classes' abilities are unlocked when a player reaches certain levels. Players can upgrade to a new class by wearing armor belonging to that class.

A player may switch from one non-base class to another, or back to their original base class. These classes' abilities are unlocked by leveling up the class' armor. For most non-base classes, upgraded players will be able to use all 14 skills once trained, while free players will usually be able to use about 7 of them. However, this does not stop players from training all 14 skills.

Combat in DragonFable uses a turn-based battle system with option commands like "attack". Players try to get their opponent's Health points (HP) down to zero before their opponents does the same to them. Players can use potions to restore HP or MP...

DragonFable Video

DragonFable Review/Guide

Review of DragonFable

Unlike the crappy Adventure Quest or Battle-on story line. This story line is when guardian towers were plenty. Until a dragon and his minions came, and started destroying the guardian towers searching and destroying them all. Just to find something, great isn't it, much better then the other one, also, this one is hilarious. It has just the right amount of humor and action set into it, this, is definitely, one of the best RPG games around the internet.

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DragonFable Training Guide

This guide is original from Gameolosophy (www.gameolosophy.com). This article is a guide for you to trained your Dragonfable character. DragonFable is a 2D, online browser-based single-player RPG, and the prequel to "AdventureQuest." Characters can be controlled in a 2D animated world, completing quests and advancing the story.

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