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Dynasty Saga

Dynasty Saga


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Koramgame
In:25104 Rank:320
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Dynasty Saga Description

Dynasty Saga is a revolutionary new web game that has combined and improved upon elements of traditional city-building strategy games and classic RPG games to bring you an entirely new gaming experience. In the past, players have been forced to gather resources and build up a city before getting to the fun stuff, but Dynasty Saga has streamlined that process and removed the tedious gathering and building stage to allow players to plunge into battle immediately. Read on to see how we achieved this. Dynasty Saga is still under development and the official site is not ready yet.

 I. Unique Combat System

II. Exciting Duel System

III. Epic Legion Battles

IV. The Overturn of the Traditional Resource System

V. Level Protection System

Dynasty Saga Screenshot

Dynasty Saga Video

Dynasty Saga Review/Guide

Dynasty Saga Review

So we wanted to see if Dynasty Saga is all it's cracked up to be. For those that do not know, Dynasty Saga is a RPG-RTS MMO set in Ancient China. This game promises to have over 72 Soldier Types, 22 Campaigns and a ton of choices to improve your strategy...

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