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Earth Eternal


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 3D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Free Developer:Sparkplay Media
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Earth Eternal Description

Earth Eternal is a high-quality, free, 3d MMO. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches. It is playable either as a desktop application or via a web browser.

From Sparkplay Media comes Earth Eternal, a browser-playable, free, 3D MMO. Epic fantasy, unreal monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches await gamers young and old, casual and avid. If you can click, you can play.

Set in a high-fantasy universe that combines real-world history, legend, and myth with original creations, Earth Eternal will provide a quality experience without the burden of a mandatory subscription. Players will be able to play for free, paying only when they feel the game is worth it.

Play itself is classic in the best sense of the word, revolving around completing quests, overcoming challenges, battling monsters and other players, and becoming both powerful and wealthy.

it will have four classes: Knight, Mage, Druid, and Rogue. As noted above though, you are not limited to abilities within your class. This creates the possibility for character customization that goes well beyond your typical MMO, where you’re confined to the same set of abilities as everyone else in your class.

In Earth Eternal, you'll pick a primary class, but after a certain point, you'll be free to start learning some of the abilities in the other classes. Be a Rogue who can blast opponents with mystic energy or a Mage who can surprise opponents with his close-range combat skills. The possibilities are nearly endless!


- FREE - Earth Eternal is entirely free-to-play and features optional downloadable content.

- QUALITY - EE is a full-featured MMO, and will expand immediately post-launch.

- IN-BROWSER - Our 3D client runs in a browser and loads while playing. Click & go.

- A BIG WORLD - EE's large, handcrafted world is based on a fantasical, mythical Earth.

- ORIGINAL - Nonstandard fantasy. Man is gone. In his stead stride Beasts and worse.

- CLASSICAL - EE's simple, effective combat is based on established MMO game models.

- CO-OP - We design for tight groups. No large, unwieldy 25-man raid hassles here.

- FRIENDLY - Content caters to a wide range of players .... casual, hardcore, young, old.

- WILD - Creatures both familiar and unreal abound. Help some. Defeat others.

- PERSONAL - User can customize their own areas with EE's unqiue Groves.

- MULTI-CLASS - Create the hero you want to be. Combine classes for killer combos.

- LORE - Earth Eternal's universe is deeper and more engaging than many novels.

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Rise and Shiny recap: Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is set on a future Earth, one that was beat to Hell after the moon decided to split apart and rain down fragments of death...

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Earth Eternal Impressions: Dispelling Furry Worries

To that end, you can also have free pick of different class traits from one of the four main classes (Druid, Knight, Mage, and Rogue) without too many restrictions. Plus, players get customizable spaces for either themselves or their clans (read: guilds) called Groves. In a Grove, players can edit the terrain, decorate buildings and keep pets. Other functions like mini-games and Player-versus-Player arenas are also planned for the Groves, though none of that will be ready to roll at launch

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