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Endless Chaos

Endless Chaos


Genre:Social Games Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Peerflux
In:14234 Rank:749
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Endless Chaos Description

Endless Chaos is a facebook game set in the fictional Kingdom of Ferion, a land shared by three kinds of creatures: the Kaals, the Madochs and the Ohmrons.

As a hero in a war torn land, you have the power to put an end to the conflict that has claimed billions of lives since its genesis. Save your people, obliterate your enemies and claim the throne that reserves itself for the most worthy.

Players start out as a lost soul summoned by the gods to end a cruel war between three races. The player then chooses a side and becomes part of either the Kaals: creatures of brute strength with daemons trapped in their bodies; the Madochs: super intelligent humans with steampunk limbs; or the Ohmrons: glowing beings made of pure energy held together by a stone called a capturer.

As the player journeys through his chosen path, he discovers the truth behind the war and the role that he will play in the ruined Kingdom's salvation.


- Choose your gender

- Choose between 3 unique races.

- Become either a Warrior, a Ranger or a Mystic.

- Use skills like "Bio Rust", "Mammoth Tide" and "Shadow Sting" and watch the skill play out in flashy animation. Experience skill synergy unlike anything you have experienced in other Facebook games.

- Influence the outcome of finishing Story Quests through good or evil decisions. Become involved in the story and read about the consequences of your actions.

- Rise up in rank by defeating other players in player versus player combat.

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Endless Chaos Review/Guide

Endless Chaos Guide: How to Play

Below are some of the Help Topics that would most likely answer your questions on how to play Endless Chaos and some other features found in the game.

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