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Fallen Worlds Online


Genre: Card Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Adventure
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:D6 Studios
In:21041 Rank:400
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Fallen Worlds Online Description

Fallen Worlds Online is a game of skirmishes between rival armies based upon the popular Daemornia RPG. It is played between two or more players using a deck of 40 cards each; depicting creatures, scenarios, abilities, artefacts, spells, psionics, weapons, armour and events. Through careful deployment and a degree of tactical thinking the objective is to destroy your opponents Capital.

LIBRARY: This is your deck of cards for playing Fallen Worlds. Before each game the deck is shuffled and laid face down in view of all players. During the game new cards are drawn from the top of the library, but not disclosed to your opponents. Each player may have no more than five of each card in their library.

GRAVEYARD: Whenever a card is destroyed or killed during the game it is stored away in a growing pile of cards known as the Graveyard. Cards cannot be drawn from the Graveyard during the game unless allowed by other cards in play.

DICE: We use a six-sided die for playing Fallen Worlds; commonly referred to as a D6. The Fallen Worlds online version of the game randomly generates such rolls for you.

HAND: This term refers to the collection of cards held in your hand during game play, typically of no more than seven cards.

CAPITAL: Each player begins with 20 Capital points, representing the overall strength and economy of their capital base. If their Capital is reduced to zero the economy collapses, their supporters flee and their enemies take over. Simply, they have lost.

RESOURCES: This represents the facilities and stock at the disposal of the player. They are spent in exchange for deploying cards and/or using card abilities.

Card Types

CREATURES (Red Border)
These are the fighters of your army. They will go into battle in your name and defend your scenarios to their last breath. Each creature is given a logo in the top right of the card that defines their nature.

EVENTS (Blue Border)
Event cards only remain in play for the instance it is played. They enable a player to manipulate the game through various effects and events, such as a bad weather, firestorm or even a plague. Events are resolved in reverse order before all other events played before it - for example, if a player uses Plague to destroy all creatures the opponent may use Withdraw to return a creature to their hand before the Plague takes effect.

SCENARIOS (Brown Border)
Scenario cards are situations or locations available to your forces. They can be anything from medical supplies, a local tavern, a steel mill or even a Daemornia Gate! These cards are especially important to protect for losing them can easily swing the game in your opponents favour.

Attachment cards have six sub-types that represent Spells, Psionics, Skills, Armour, Weapons and Artefacts. When deployed they are given to a creature under your control, but each creature can have no more than one of each sub-type. Attachements cards may provide unique abilities or stats modifiers that are applied to the creature card...

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Fallen Worlds Online Review/Guide

Fallen Worlds Online Guide: Card Locking from Phase 1 to Phase 6

Resources (Res) represent the facilities and stock at the disposal of the player. They are spent in exchange for deploying cards and/or using card abilities. For example, deploying a Nominod creature card costs three (3) Res. At the beginning of each turn, the current player must roll two D6 dice (2D6) for resources gathered this turn. The highest individual roll of these dice is added to the Resources available. During this Phase all cards are also unlocked.

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