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Fast and Furious FIG


Genre: Casual Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Racing
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Developer:Stillfront AB
In:47485 Rank:137
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Fast and Furious FIG Description

Fast and Furious will feature more visuals and less text to make for easier game play and a more immersive environment. Your goal is to get as much respect as you can. In street racing, respect is the key element. You will gain respect by winning races, having good stats and by equipping your car with styling parts.

The key element in F&F is the street racing function. This is a place where you′ll interact with other players by chatting with them, checking out their cars and challenging them to races. During such a challenge you will have to decide how hard you want to push your car. If you push your car harder you will have a greater chance of winning

the race, but you will also be more likely to damage your car. Winning a race will raise your stats.

When you want to add, remove, or tune parts on your car, you can head to “Your Garage” to get the work done.

When racing or using your car in any other way, your car will take damage. To repair your car you will have to go to your garage and place the car there for a while, which means you will not be able to race for a while. To get your car ready faster you can buy tools to speed up the process.

Community Aspects

Street Racing -
interact with other players by chatting with them, checking out their cars and challenging them to races.

Teams - Create a team and invite other players or join your team. The benet of being in a team is that car repairs go faster. All team member tools are shared between members.

Prole page

- Let other players check out your cool custom car, your race statistics, avatar and more. Leave a message in your guestbook.

Fast and Furious FIG Video

Fast and Furious FIG Review/Guide

Fast & Furious Guide: Official Tutorial

Fast and Furious FIG is a brand new casual racing game based on the block buster series Fast & Furious from Stillfront AB. Below is a tutorial reproduced from the official ingame help document. After reading this, you will know how this game working exactly.

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