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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Real Time Theme: Pets
Graphics: 3D Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:FooMojo,Inc.
In:15302 Rank:657
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FooPets Description

FooPets is a game that you can adopt you can adopt a virtual cat or dog. The pets are very cute and realistic looking, and need to be fed, petted and played with just like a real pet. In order to earn money to get food and toys for your cat or dog, you can play online games.

FooPets are the world's most realistic virtual puppies and kittens; they get hungry and thirsty, enjoy playing with toys, crave attention, and love being spoiled by their owners. They provide true companionship, and remind people of all ages the proper care, commitment, and joy of pet ownership. Just like real pets, FooPets' health and well being depends on regular feedings and care patterns.

There are many breeds of cats and dogs to choose from in this game: Siamese, Persian, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Rottweiler and many more.

Remember, this experience simulates reality. When not fed and cared for regularly, a FooPet will be sad, and may get sick or even worse. To help ensure that your FooPet is always happy and healthy, we make it easy for you to meet other FooPet owners and invite your friends to help look after each other's little ones in a safe environment. Cared for properly, a FooPet will live just as long as real pets!

FooPets are available for play on FooPets.com, Facebook, MySpace and the iPhone, with more locations coming soon.

Adoption Rules

FooPets Need Love
Your FooPet needs love and attention from you. Pet and play with it whenever you can, and not only will your FooPet be happier, but the bond between you and it will grow stronger over time.

FooPets are Real
Your FooPet is a real creature that lives online. It will have a date of birth and a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on how well you take care of it. It will age and act differently over time.

Feed and Water Daily
Your FooPet needs to be fed and watered every 24 hours, at a bare minimum. Your friends or other FooPet members can help you feed and water your FooPet if you have to be away, but it is your responsibility to arrange proper care in your absence.

Bad Things Can Happen
Your FooPet, like a real puppy or kitten, is subject to various health problems, and if you do not follow the recommended care guide for it, it may not do well.

Consequences to Poor Care
Your FooPet cannot be "uninstalled" or "quit" - if you stop feeding and watering your FooPet, it will be taken to the FooShelter to get proper care. Please consider the responsiblities involved before adopting a FooPet...

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