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Genre: Simulation Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:CommuniSport
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Footballidentity Description

Foorballidentity is a football (soccer) world where all characters are controlled by real users. Managers, Players and even Journalists have a user behind them and together they form teams and play matches together in the world's first turn-based strategy game based upon football. Players play matches, train and develop their skills. Managers handle transfers/contracts, match tactics and manage their team members.


Users take turn-based decisions for their footballers

Footballidentity is a football game like no other. Letting users take turn-based decisions for their footballers directly in their browser and then calculation the result for each turn, makes Footballidentity the first football game of its kind.

As a backup for users not being able to take part during the scheduled matches, Footballidentity contains an AI engine that makes the decision for the players on a turn-to-turn bases.

Create your own identity

In Footballidentity you choose what you want to be. Take on the role as a footballer, manager or even journalist.

Life as a footballer: Tran & Improve, Sign Contracts, Play Matches, Win Awards, Expectations
Life as a manager:
Team Manager, Sign, Buy & Sell, Decide Tactics, Starting Out, Responsibility
Life as a journalist: Write Articles, Match Coverage, Interview, Research, Reputation

Play strategical football at its best!

The matches in Footballidentity will really put your tactical skills to the test as all other footballers on the field could be controlled by another user just looking for an opportunity to help you or destroy you…

Teamwork Works!

And old cliché of course, but true indeed, is the old saying that “ football is a team sport”. The same goes for life in Footballidentity. If you don’t get along with your teammates or if you do not all work towards the same goals, problems will occur.

But on the other hand, when a team works like well oiled machinery and everyone is having fun and then life in Footballidentity can seem as easy and enjoyable as a walk in the park.


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