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Free Farm Game


Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Business
Graphics: 2D Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:freefarmgame.com
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Free Farm Game Description

Free Farm Game is turn based and a new turn happens every 24 hours. At the top of the screen you can see the minutes left before the new turn. The change of turn happens at a fixed time at 3am GMT everyday. So in other words you will have farm work everyday! Just like real farmers, you will have to take care of your livestock, manage your crops and if you are good enough you will be able to make your own cheese, wine, ham and many more farm products.



Lots of livestock are available for your virtual farm. From chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and cows, the choice is yours. You can even breed horses to help you in your farm. You start the game with a chicken coop and two chickens. A chicken coop can bring you eggs everyday if they are fed, watered and not sick. Culling the chicken will give you chicken meat and bones which could be sold at the market or used in your worshops.


Plant vegetables, fruits, tubers, nut trees and cereals on your virtual farm! Till the land, sow the land, water your crops, use fertilizers and pesticides, prune your plants...temperature, season and weather will affect your plant's growth. Plant them in the right season, take care of them and you will gain a bountiful harvest!

Endurance points

Upgrade your tools and virtual farm buildings to be more efficient. Each virtual farmer has a set number of endurance points per day. Use these points wisely and upgrade your farm whenever possible.


Workshops are also available in Free Farm Game. Make your own wine with your harvested grapes, make sausages and dried ham with meat from your livestock, make apple pies with flour from your mill and apples from your apple trees, make cheese and many more!


Help a local butcher or deliver specific goods to a grocer. Accomplishing missions will better your virtual farm reputation. Participate in challenges against other players to earn fame!


There is a market to sell your goods. Make sure your products are fresh and of good quality if you want to make a profit. Free Farm Game products prices will vary on the offer and demand, in other words, the price of farm goods will constantly change...

Free Farm Game Video

Free Farm Game Review/Guide

Free Farm Game Review

Free Farm Gamemay have a very bad title but the game play in this simulation game is very good. The graphics are nicely rendered and you even have rain and weather effects.

Your crops need to be watered, animals fed and land worked on every day to be successful. The game uses turns and you are given so many turns each day. If you run out of turns you cannot work on your farm, but if you have enough money you can hire other farmers and gain more turns or you can purchase food or cook it yourself which will gain you more endurance for farming.

You can compete against other farmers in tournaments or do quests in the game which will help you gain fame and unlock more options for game play. It can take some time to develop fame as this is a slow moving game. This is not a game for players who don't have any patience.

You can hunt, fish, gather wood and other items that you can sell in the market. You can also collect eggs from your chickens, sell meat, and crops. It is up to you to decide what area of your farm you want to work on the most. When you do hunt or fish you might not get anything to sell, the chances are random...

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Free Farm Game: Starting Guide

To become a good farmer you will have to manage your crops and livestocks. As you can see, you start out with a chicken coop with two chickens, a male and a female. The animals have to be fed and watered everyday. Animals outside of the coop will find their own food but you still have to give them water.

To feed your chickens, click on the coop and open up the action menu. Click on the feed button and your chickens will be fed for the day. If your chickens don't get any food for 3 turns straight they will not survive. So make sure you feed them every turn.

Click on the water button to give them water. Not giving them water for three turns straight would be fatal to your chickens. You will have to give them water every turn.

If the hen has laid some eggs you will be able to see the Collect Eggs button, click on it to collect them. The eggs will be transfered automatically to your storage. The number of eggs to collect depends mainly on how many hens you have ...

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