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FreeFall Tournament

FreeFall Tournament


Genre: Shooter Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Space Marines
Graphics: 3D Period: Sci Fi
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Free Range Games
In:18757 Rank:428
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FreeFall Tournament Description

FreeFall Tournament is a fast-paced, space marines 3rd person shooter (TPS). It's free to play on any browser.

* 3 maps: Training Arena (Team Death Match), Shuttle Bay (King of the Hill), Moon Base (Control Point Scramble). More in development
* 8 classes. More in development with ranks up to General
* Target-locking enables aerial combat and fast game play
* Unique respawn system to regroup fallen teammates and balance matches

Assemble teams from distinct classes of futuristic combatants (including long-range Gunners, Hammer-wielding Tanks, fast moving Scouts, strategic Techs, flame throwing Blazers, rocket-launching Blasters, stealthy Assassins, and electric Shockers) for exciting 10-20 minute battles. Each hero has unique weapons, bombs, and special abilities that help him contribute to the team.  Jetpack through low gravity arenas with your chosen class and lock-on target to destroy your opponents.

* Free-to-play, not pay-to-win
* Next-gen graphics require the Unity Web Player plugin
* Blue and Gold teams compete to win control point and death matches
* XP and Cash rewards for completing matches is used to rank up and
purchase new characters
* More characters, maps, and features in production
* Vibrant futuristic setting

Story: The year 2027 brought hope to a world on the brink of environmental and political collapse. On the last leg of its funding, NATO’s United Space Mission (USM) made a discovery on the moon that changed the course of human history. A large alloyed sphere, found nestled in a crater, was revealed to be an alien artifact containing a message for mankind. Top scientists from around the world slowly deciphered the message, catalyzing a huge leap forward in technology. Humanity finds itself abruptly catapulting into a new interstellar age. A consortium of corporations and governments are hosting the Freefall Tournament to test their new technologies and determine who will crew the first interstellar mission.

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